build better web sites—lint the web forward

Build better websites with sonarwhal

Don’t burn out…

…trying to master all the things: sonarwhal will help you with your site's accessibility, speed, security, and more, by linting your code for best practices and common errors.

Fully customizable

Every site is different. sonarwhal adapts its feedback when you give it more information: ignore 3rd-party code, prioritize your users' browsers, and control the results with minimal setup.

Create your own rules

With the help of our developer guide, you can create new rules to suit your needs. You can help sonarwhal help even more people like you by contributing your rules back!

Community driven

sonarwhal welcomes anyone who wants to make the web a better place. Testing, filing issues and feature requests, contributing code, and improving the documentation are just the start!

Install sonarwhal

  1. npm install -g --engine-strict sonarwhal
  2. sonarwhal --init
  3. sonarwhal