a linting tool for the web

Build better websites with sonar

Accessibility, security, interoperability and more!

The web is complex. Knowing everything about web development and not making any mistakes can be challenging. sonar is meant to help developers regardless of their skill level, from the novice to the experienced one, to build websites and apps that work for everyone, are accessible, fast, secure, and take advantage of all the features the web has to offer.

Guidance tailored to your needs

An online shopping experience probably doesn't have the same requirements as an intranet website. sonar is useful no matter what you are working on, and will provide you the best guidance for your needs. See how sonar can adapt its feedback when you give it more information about the resources you cannot control, the browsers your visitors use, and more in the user guide.

Easily create new rules

sonar is still growing and it might not have a rule yet for something you need. You can help us by creating a new issue, or even better by submitting a Pull Request. Check our developer guide and learn how you can create new rules and contribute to sonar!

Community driven

sonar welcomes anyone who wants to help make the web a better place. There are many things you can do to make sonar a better tool: testing, filing issues, requesting new features, contributing code, improving the documentation, etc. Take a look at our backlog!

Install sonar

  1. npm install -g --engine-strict @sonarwhal/sonar
  2. sonar --init
  3. sonar