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Ignoring domains

Ignoring domains

Sometimes you don’t have control over all the infrastructure and there is nothing you can do about it. Reporting errors in those cases just generates noise and frustration. Instead of globally disabling a rule you might just want to turn it off for a domain, or directly ignore completely one (like a third party analytics, ads, etc.). To achieve this you need to add the ignoredUrls property to your .sonarwhalrc file:

"ignoredUrls": [{
"domain": ".*\\.domain1\\.com/.*",
"rules": ["*"]
}, {
"domain": "www.domain2.net",
"rules": ["disallowed-headers"]

Properties can be:

  • regular expressions, like .*\\.domain1\\.com/.*. This will match:
    • something.domain1.com/index.html
    • somethingelse.domain1.com/image.png
  • some text, like www.domain2.net. In this case, if the resource URL contains the text, it will be a match. E.g.:
    • www.domain2.net/index.php
    • www.domain2.net/image.png

The value of the property has to be an array of strings where the strings can be:

  • * if you want to ignore all rules for the given domain.
  • The ID of the rule to be ignored.

In the previous example we will:

  • Ignore all rules for any resource that matches the regex .*\\.domain1\\.com/.*.
  • Ignore the rule disallowed-headers for the domain www.domain2.net.