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typescript-config (@sonarwhal/rule-typescript-config)

typescript-config contains rules to check if your TypeScript configuration has the most recommended configuration.

To use it you will have to install it via npm:

npm install @sonarwhal/rule-typescript-config

Note: You can make npm install it as a devDependency using the --save-dev parameter, or to install it globally, you can use the -g parameter. For other options see npm's documentation.

And then activate it via the .sonarwhalrc configuration file:

"connector": {...},
"formatters": [...],
"parsers": [...],
"rules": {
"typescript-config/is-valid": "error",
"typescript-config/no-comment": "error",
"typescript-config/target": "error"

Why is this important?

If you are building an app or a website using TypeScript, you need to be sure that your configuration is the best for your needs.


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